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  • Alexander Belsey

The Most Important Quality A Professional SEO Needs

Search engine optimisation is a young industry.

Before search engines existed, there could be no possible demand for a professional search engine optimiser, but ever the since the creation and mass popularisation of Google, which is used to conduct over 1 trillion search queries a year, business owners have realised that ranking near the top of the Google search results for terms related to their business can get them a LOT of new customers.

And as industry experts VelSEOity state, it can also help them to protect and future-proof their online reputations, by ensuring that any negative news stories about their business are buried beneath scores of more positive search results, down where no-one will ever see them.

This has fuelled the rise of SEO into a multi-billion dollar industry; one which most of the world's biggest companies invest many millions into every year.

Consequently, in almost every location you can think of, it's very likely there will be multiple businesses all offering search engine optimisation services. Competition is rife, and while this is great for the consumer, as it will improve standards and reduce prices, it does mean that they can be faced with a difficult decision to make regarding which service provider to hire.

After all, having too much choice can be paralysing!

From my years of experience inside the industry, there is one crucial thing which I think is a key indicator of whether or not a professional SEO provider is properly equipped to work on your website.

That indicator is; how up to date they are with the changes Google make to their algorithms.

Time after time, certain strategies which are good for SEO and higher rankings, and which may even be considered best practice, have seen their status changed from being a go-to SEO tactic to being a dangerous liability, which has the potential to jeopardise the rankings of an entire website.

For example, submitting content to article directories en masse used to be a popular and effective SEO tactic, but now this kind of content-spamming can get your website penalised by Google. A similar change has happened to the old tactic of using the exact keyword term you're trying to rank a website for, as many times as you can on the webpage you wish to rank highly. Again, keyword-spamming like this will likely get your website penalised!

What is considered to be good SEO changes whenever Google adjusts their ranking algorithms, and if your SEO provider doesn't stay informed of these changes, then they are not fit to work on anyone's website.

The moral here then, is to always ask a prospective SEO provider something like, 'how exactly do you stay up to date with the changes and developments in SEO over time?'

A prospective client asked me this question during a consultation recently, and it struck me as being an excellent question. So, after answering (I regularly read all the leading blogs and case studies in the industry, and take brand-new SEO courses on an ongoing basis to improve my knowledge even further), I told her how important this question was, and that she simply had to ask the other agencies she was interviewing it too.

So then, be warned; An SEO provider who is out of date by even a few months can do more harm than good to your precious website!

If you're looking for an SEO provider who you know for sure is up to date, then feel free to contact me, as I offer a FREE initial consultation to all potential new clients:

By phone: 07534 360926


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