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Buy Social Shares From REAL PEOPLE!

This is your chance to buy social shares from hundreds of influencers in your industry at a great value price

Would you like your articles and blog content to be shared on social media hundreds of times every month, driving a flood of traffic to your website?

Unlike other services, we can get your website content read, shared, and promoted on social media by REAL PEOPLE… no robots!


We have agency accounts with the social media promotion platforms Quuu Promote and Missinglettr, where influencers from a vast range of industries find fresh content to share with their substantial audiences, and by submitting your articles and blog posts to these platforms, we can ensure the influencers share them all day long.


This will bring you a flood of not only social media shares, but social media website traffic, new likes and followers, and the opportunity to increase brand awareness with your target audience.


You may also benefit from SEO improvements, as Google take note of your website’s massively boosted tally of social shares.


Plus, by having a solid method to convert website visitors

into prospects, you can also generate new leads at a very low cost.

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Step 2: Pay £19 Via Paypal

Image by Karsten Winegeart
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How This Service Works

We are already using Quuu Promote and Missinglettr to promote new content every month for dozens of clients, with each promoted article commonly generating 750+ social shares and 200+ clicks to the client website.

Now, we have some spare capacity in our account to offer this service to new customers.

We can submit one article/infographic etc. of your choice to Quuu and Missinglettr, where it will be promoted online by influencers in your industry, thereby generating you massive exposure and significant website traffic.

Content promotion campaigns with Quuu and Missinglettr usually last for 90 days, and at the end of this period you’ll receive details of how many social shares and website clicks your promotional campaign produced.

Plus, we’ll tag your Twitter account in the tweet text that gets shared along with your blog post, so you’ll get Twitter notifications in real-time to show you who’s sharing your content with their audience, and when.

We will also share with you the notifications we get when a promotional campaign goes live, so you will know when your content promotion begins.

results of the social promotion campaigns we've run
buying social shares and content promotion campaigns

What To Know Before You Buy Social Shares

Please be aware that the social media promotion platforms we use manually review all content submissions, so please make sure they follow the guidelines below before you purchase this gig. All buyers whose content does not pass the review process will have their purchases refunded.

Before buying, please make sure that content you submit to us for promotion:


  • Does not contain bad language or explicit content

  • Is not sales-focused or promotional in nature (this includes landing pages, ads, trailers, competitions, and any content that promotes a product or service)

  • Does not focus on a single product, service, or brand

  • Is not in any language other than English

  • Is not difficult to view, read, or understand

  • Is not going to be out of date soon

  • Does not contain excessive grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors

  • Is not a website homepage

  • Is not too strongly opinionated or biased


The content that performs best will help, entertain, inform, or inspire readers in a tangible way.


Email alex@newfrontiersmarketing if you have any questions!

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