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  • Alexander Belsey

Case Study: An Analysis of the Van Ellen and Sheryn Website

Hello and welcome to the latest in my series of website review case studies!

One of my favourite things about doing these case studies is getting the chance to look at websites which are already doing a lot of things right; websites which may have had a fair amount of time and effort spent on making them look as attractive, modern and professional as possible, but which still have a decent amount of room for improvement from a search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation point of view.

The subject of today's review; the website of the architecture practice Van Ellen and Sheryn, is a perfect example of this.

A very nice looking website, which communicates a clear sense of legitimacy, trust and professionalism to its audience, while showing off some of the company's previous work, along with the glowing client testimonials to accompany it, there are, nonetheless, some changes which I feel could be made to increase the amount of high-quality, relevant and valuable traffic which the website receives through Google search results and other sources, and to convert more of these website visitors into sales leads and customers.

This website review in particular is a great example of how already good websites can be optimised in ways which will likely produce substantially improved results.

This is another fairly lengthy website review, but I think there's a lot of value contained over the course of it's 39 minutes, so if you have the patience to watch the entire thing, I think you'll be greatly rewarded :)

Thanks to Van Ellen and Sheryn for letting me do this review, and thanks to everyone who watches it.

As a final note, I'll just mention again that I offer these website reviews for FREE (and you don't even have to let me publish the results here on the blog), so if you want your website to get better results for your business, then be sure to get in touch.


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