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  • Abhyank Srinet

The Top 8 STEM MBA Programs In The World

From the applications we use to the cars we drive, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) can be found everywhere.

The varied and broad application of the field results in the ever-increasing demand for its programs. So, if you ever found yourself thinking about studying a STEM program in the US, then you have come to the right spot!

This article will explore the top 8 STEM master’s programs in the US and the top schools that offer them.

Before starting, let us first with the basic concept of the STEM program. STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and is a program popular in the US for studies in the same domain.

Instead of four disciplines being taught as separate subjects, STEM integrates them and prepares students for real-world situations.

Now the question arrives on why should you do a STEM course in the USA?

Higher employment opportunities: Those days are gone when the job market looked for masters of the trade. Today’s dynamic environment now looks for a jack of all trades who can take up cross-functional roles and excel in all areas. Henceforth, a STEM Program helps in increasing the chances of your employability by ten folds.

Longer stay back duration: A STEM Master’s program lasts for typically 2 years. Hence, post-graduation, you can enjoy a 24-month long additional stay-back period in the US compared to other programs.

Extensive Curriculum: If losing out on one particular course in the pursuit of the other has been your worry, you can definitely quell it with a STEM program. With many electives from technology, science, engineering, and mathematics, you’d get a wider overview of the entire domain.

So, all in all, a STEM Master’s program provides you with a comprehensive skill-set by providing you with the knowledge of the concepts of business, technology, quantitative finance, and management.

It also helps you set yourself apart from your competitors by equipping you with a holistic understanding and incredible leadership skills.

On that note, let’s dive into the top 8 schools in the US that provide the stellar STEM MBA Program:

1. MIT Sloan

The MIT MBA program is a two-year-long program that qualifies as a STEM-designed program and allows foreign students to combine analytics and data-driven decision-making with the overall MBA program learning motives.

Tuition Fees: $120,846

2. NYU Stern

NYU Stern’s Andre Koo Tech MBA is a two-year STEM program. This program’s experiential learning projects and specialized coursework can help you graduate with an MBA focused on technology.

Tuition Fees: $152,136

3. Duke Fuqua

Fuqua’s Management Science and Technology Management (MSTeM) is a two-year programme that holds the STEM designation and prepares students to direct and lead analysis and get deeply involved and understand the models and tools that can be utilized to improve and inform decisions.

Tuition fees: $152,000

4. USC Marshall

USC Marshall’s STEM MBA is a two-year-long program focused primarily on preparing students to fulfill the increasing need to apply scientific and quantitative methods to business challenges.

This program aims to develop an entrepreneurial and global mindset and get a deep understanding of business fundamentals.

Tuition fees: $124,715

5. University of Rochester

Business these days needs leaders who understand data analytics and how to solve unstructured and complex business problems.

With over five decades of expertise in analytics and economics-based research, the University of Rochester’s Stem MBA is a game-changer.

Tuition fees: $116,842

6. University of Georgia (UGA) - Terry College of Business

The Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia offers a STEM MBA program for over a year.

The program significantly reduces the opportunity cost of not working, and students get to save on a one-year tuition fee. All in all, the program is affordable, and the cost is halved for in-state residents.

Tuition fees: $65,212

7. The University of Wisconsin, Madison

This business school became the first in the US to offer an MBA with a STEM designation in 2016. Students who go for it get an MBA focused on Technology Management and Operations.

The Erdman Center of Operations and Technology Management, backed by the Erdman Centre of Operations Management, brings together UW-Madison pharmacy and MBA students to create solutions to global tech issues.

Tuition Fees: $85,408

8. University of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business

The Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame provides a Master of Science in Business Analytics dual degree/MBA, STEM certified.

The two-year programme prepares students to build their careers in an increasingly data-driven economy.

The dual-degree provides trips to developing and under-developed countries to positively impact communities through infrastructure development, agriculture, and micro-finance projects.

Tuition Fees: $116,060

In conclusion, a STEM MBA is an intensive program with over 63 credit requirements in just two years. It provides you with a skillset unparalleled by other programs with high placement opportunities and great salary packages.

These programs are highly coveted due to such great returns and benefits, and their admission processes are incredibly competitive.

Therefore, to get into these programs, one should have a well-rounded and holistically developed profile.

About The Author: Abhyank Srinet is a passionate digital entrepreneur who holds a Masters in Management degree from ESCP Europe. He started his first company while he was still studying at ESCP, and managed to scale it up by 400% in just 2 years.

Being a B-School Alumni, he recognized the need for a one-stop solution for B-School to get in touch with schools and get their application queries resolved.

This prompted him to create MiM-Essay, a one-of-a-kind portal with cutting edge profile evaluation and school selection algorithms, along with several avenues to stay informed about the latest B-School Updates.


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