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Get A Lasting Kleen In Milton Keynes!

Two Of Milton Keynes’ Leading Home Cleaning Companies Join Forces To Create New Cleaning Agency

Two of Milton Keynes’ most experienced cleaning companies have announced the launch of a new, visionary collaboration: Lasting Kleen.

Lasting Kleen’s goal is to deliver effective, reliable, trustworthy, and professional cleaning services to homes in the Milton Keynes area, and to bring together cleaners and customers for a collaborative cleaning approach.

Lasting Kleen offers a range of cleaning options - from domestic cleaning services such as oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning etc., to end of tenancy cleaning, deep cleaning, and more.

A Tale Of Two Companies

Lasting Kleen was launched in mid-2021 as a collaboration between the two existing cleaning companies, Lasting Impressions and Kleen & Fresh.

Lasting Impressions is a domestic cleaning service that was founded to bring customers and cleaners together. The founder was passionate about using her experience in the cleaning industry to create a client-led service run to a high standard.

The business soon proved popular in the local area, and soon she was running a successful cleaning business throughout the Milton Keynes region.

Established in 2008, Kleen & Fresh is a domestic cleaning company founded by Phil and Louise Reeves, who wanted to create an inclusive cleaning service that was designed to fit their clients' individual needs.

They were inspired by the illness of one of their family members to create a service that would cater to the needs of all, utilising a client-centred, respectful approach.

Together, the Lasting Impressions and Kleen & Fresh teams have created a professional domestic cleaning agency that is as client-focused, accessible, and individually tailored as possible.

Their Vision

Lasting Kleen emphasises trust, reliability, and professionalism. All their cleaners have been carefully vetted to ensure they’re CRB-checked, reliable, and trustworthy.

Lasting Kleen work by creating bespoke cleaning plans that are perfectly tailored to their clients’ needs. The company's goal is to work collaboratively with its clients and build tailor-made plans that best suit them and their lifestyles.

Their Skills

Lasting Kleen boasts accomplished cleaners from a range of cleaning backgrounds, so can easily find a cleaner perfectly suited to each job.

The company prides itself on setting the benchmark for standards for the cleaning industry, delivering an excellent service for a great value with customer satisfaction assured.

Just some of the reasons why Lasting Kleen provides an exceptional level of service include:

· They cover all removable stains - including oil, dirt, graffiti, human, and animal

· All cleaners, including new recruits, are CRB checked for the customer’s peace of mind

· All cleaners receive training in confidentiality and data protection

· All cleaners are qualified, professional, experienced, and punctual; so you can rest assured that you’ll get a great quality clean!

About Lasting Kleen: Lasting Kleen is a newly formed cleaning agency in Milton Keynes that is fully equipped to provide thorough domestic cleans to an excellent standard.

They can be contacted by email at by phone on 01908 082277, or you can visit the team in person at their business address of: Lasting Kleen, 52 Lichfield Down, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes, MK7 7BB


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