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  • Jayden Foley

How To Create An Online Brand Which Is Timeless

Fashion and styles change over time, but that doesn’t mean your brand needs to. Some companies manage to build a consistent, unmistakable brand message.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to achieve this. However, if you get your branding right from the beginning, you can build an unmistakable company that stands up for many years to come.

How can you do this? Here are five ways you can build a timeless brand.

1. Don’t Focus Too Much On Trends

Trends come and go. In every industry, there will be something that people are interested in. But, these types of trends very rarely hold up over long periods of time.

Instead of going along with the latest craze, try to build something that stands out. This is something that people will always be drawn to.

When creating a brand identity, your efforts should go into being as authentic, creative, and honest as possible. You’re much more likely to create something timeless this way.

2. Have A Clear Brand Identity

If you want a truly timeless brand, it’s crucial to build a strong identity that appeals to a particular audience. This identity should be as specific and clear as possible to build a positive reputation.

By focusing your branding efforts on something people are passionate about, you will develop longer-lasting interest in your products - rather than something people get bored of quickly.

3. Find A Unique Selling Point

Trying too hard to be like everyone else is a surefire way to lose your audience’s interest fast. Instead, you need to find a new angle for selling your products with a clearly defined identity.

Of course, it’s important to research your competitors when launching a brand. But, you also need to look beyond this. Try diving into your core beliefs and values.

Finding something meaningful means people will know what you stand for as a company. This message can then be communicated to your audience through a range of techniques, including visual branding and use of consistent verbal branding and language.

4. Always Aim For Consistency

Another key quality of a timeless brand is consistency. You need to do this from the beginning, otherwise you run the risk of confusing your audience. People need to know what you stand for.

The brands that stay at the front of consumers’ minds are the ones marketed consistently from the beginning, even if their advertising methods shift and change over time.

In order to do this well, you need to use the same branding throughout your business. For instance, your company name and logo will be the first things people see, and the first things they think of when your brand comes to mind.

Your branding and logo, which includes color schemes, fonts, and other graphics, should always be recognizable and distinct, and they should be easily adaptable for all the platforms you use, including social media and landing pages.

To ensure you get your branding right, there are plenty of online tools to use - and they make it super easy! Some examples include Business Cards for making unique business cards, A Color Story for social media posts, and Fotor for graphic design.

5. If In Doubt, Keep It Simple

When you’re launching a brand, uncertainty can end up costing you time, money, and customers. If you’re unsure, it’s a good idea to keep your branding as simple as possible.

This means avoiding anything too complicated, like descriptive or long names, confusing slogans, or unnecessarily complex design work. Rebranding can be a nightmare. Plus, simple, classic designs are much longer-lasting and timeless!


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