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Client Focus: Jennifer Davy

One of our favourite clients is Alexander Technique teacher, Jennifer Davy.

A system of postural training which helps people from all walks of life, such as golfers, actors, dancers, athletes, horse riders and business professionals, to improve their performance both in their work and home lives, the Alexander Technique was created by F.M. Alexander, and was popularised by him around the turn of the 20th century.

Jennifer is one of the leading practitioners of the Alexander Technique in the UK. With decades of training by the foremost teachers in the world, she is extremely knowledgeable about both the technique specifically, and the biology and musculature systems of the human body, more generally.

Jennifer has worked in many countries over the years, bringing her expertise to a huge variety of clients seeking to achieve a wide range of different goals.

From businesspeople to performers, athletes, dancers and horse riders, Jennifer has helped them all.

After years of basing her business primarily in Exeter, Jennifer has taken advantage of an exciting opportunity to expand into the Cotswolds region. From here, she will have bases in Oxford and Cheltenham, while also being able to serve Gloucester and other nearby areas.

So, if you know anyone based in these regions who has a job, or a hobby, in which the correct use of the body is important, then they will surely benefit from working with Jennifer, as she is quite possibly the leading Alexander Technique teacher in Oxford.

Jennifer is able to visit companies and run workshops and training seminars in-house, or, if you'd like to come and see her in her own place of work, then her primary therapy base in the Cotswolds region will be at the following address:

Jennifer Davy

The Practice Rooms

The Old Bakehouse

2A South Parade



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