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Are You Looking For A Lead Generation Company Who Can Provide Top Quality B2B Leads At An Affordable Price?

We Generate Red-Hot B2B Leads In A Wide Range Of Industries Through Our Own Unique Process

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Would You Like A Lead Generation Company To Get Top Quality, Sales-Ready Leads For Your Business, So You Can Concentrate On What You Do Best?

If you're trying to get more clients for your business, then the first thing you need is leads.

When you have a steady flow of high value, red-hot leads flowing into your business, then you have the chance to grow your organisation, and substantially increase your profits, on a predictable and easily repeatable basis.

Just imagine what it could do for your business if you could get the major decision makers of large companies, who all have lots of money to spend, into a room with you, so you can explain exactly how your product or service helps them.

Now imagine you could get meetings like this booked every day of the week...


Well, this is EXACTLY what we can do for you!

How We Generate Leads

When companies consider how to start a lead generation business, there are many approaches they could take. We believe our service uses a process which is both market-leading, and uniquely effective.

When taking on a new client, the process usually works like this:

  • We talk with the client, discussing their products, services, target audience, sales goals and any other relevant information

  • We get the contact email addresses of the major decision makers at large, profitable companies in our new client's targeted industries. These email addresses are sourced from premium business directories like the Mint Database (subscriptions to which start at £10,500 per year) and from specialist software, which scrapes publicly available company details from a variety of online sources. We then verify the email addresses to ensure their accuracy

  • We work with the client to develop an irresistible cold email template which gives the targeted decision makers a great reason to book an appointment (either face-to-face, online or by phone) with our client. Usually these cold email templates offer the prospect something like a free, no-obligation audit of the relevant parts of their business (e.g. accounting, SEO, marketing strategy, sales etc.) along with some recommendations for improvement

  • We upload the list of prospects to our email marketing service provider and configure it to send the emails from a specially created gmail account, which uses the client's branding, but does not feature their website address, so that any spam reports which may occur do NOT get associated with our client's domain

  • We send out the highly enticing cold email to the list of our client's perfect future customers and wait for the replies to come back. When doing this, we ensure that we strictly obey all relevant email marketing regulations

  • We follow up with everyone who doesn't reply

  • We nurture those who reply until they're desperate to take up our client on the offer in their cold email

  • We hand over these red-hot leads to our client, so they can provide the service offered to the leads, and then upsell them on more lucrative packages   

This is a relatively simple process which works INCREDIBLY well, and has allowed us to generate a huge number of lucrative sales leads for ourselves, and our carefully selected clients, over the past few years.

Who We Are

New Frontiers Marketing is an online marketing company based in South Devon, England, which is a wonderfully picturesque part of the world.

Founded by digital marketing geek Alexander Belsey in 2012, New Frontiers Marketing offers web design, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, Facebook advertising, conversion rate optimisation and lead generation services.

We have a mix of great local clients, and equally great ones who are based in many different parts of the world. 

Our company ethos is simple; we want to offer better services than large marketing agencies, for much lower prices, and with fantastic customer service. Where agencies can be inefficient and wasteful, we are streamlined and agile, with the constant drive to lower our expenses without compromising on results or productivity, so we can offer our clients as much value for money, and as much return on their investment, as is possible.

Alex - the founder of our lead generation agency

Alex - Founder of New Frontiers Marketing

devon scenery

Some of the Beautiful Devon Scenery Near Our Office

What Makes Our Leads Better Than Our Competitors' Leads?

The vast majority of other lead generation companies source their leads from either cold calling a prospect list, or by using pay-per-click advertising. Both of these approaches have some serious drawbacks:

Cold calling is expensive, time-consuming and inefficient.


The simple fact is, the overwhelming majority of people who are cold-called will hang up within a few seconds of picking up the phone. That's assuming they pick up the phone in the first place, or that their receptionist didn't filter the call before it reached the decision maker, or even that the company didn't place themselves on the Telephone Preference Service list, thereby making it a crime to cold call them.

With all these obstacles in place, it's no wonder that cold-calling has such a poor conversion rate, and that it takes so much work on behalf of the caller to create each hot lead. This inefficiency is something which the client will have to end up paying for in the form of increased lead costs, due to the fact that a large number of man hours is needed to generate even a single lead.

Pay per click advertising solves some of these problems, and creates a variety of new ones.

Firstly, when using services such as Google Adwords, getting people to your website can be very expensive, with the cost per website click in some cases being as high as $58. To clarify, that $58 dollar cost is not how much it costs to generate a lead, it's simply the cost to get someone from Google's search results page, to your website, via an ad.

shock at lead generation costs


That IS expensive.

And then, once the leads have been generated, another layer of costs is added as the lead generation company has to pay off their staff costs and other expenses, and add their profit margin.

All this adds up, and ensures that buying leads from a company which generates their leads via pay per click advertising is a particularly expensive way to grow your business.


Another problem with generating leads through pay per click advertising, is the fact that the audience being advertised to can not be filtered at all by the likely scope of their buying intent.

For example, if you are a company which sells fire doors, and you want to get more clients for your business, so you set up an Adwords campaign with the intention of securing large scale clients, and you see the leads start to flow in, then great! You've just got a load of leads in the pipeline who can't wait to buy huge amounts of product, right? Wrong.

Adwords cannot distinguish between searchers who are looking to buy 100 units of a product, and searchers who are looking to buy 1. This means that your carefully created ad campaign, which you're hoping will bring you a flood of high-volume buyers, is far more likely to instead bring in a trickle of small-time players who might want a unit or two, at best.

Since our cold emailing strategy is specifically targeting only the major decision makers working for large companies, who are involved in an industry which is a perfect fit for your products and services, the leads we generate are FAR more likely to become lucrative high-volume buyers than the leads which are generated through any other method.

details of our lead generation services in a canva design

Why Choose Us?

In case we haven't managed to properly communicate the value our lead generation service provides before this point, then let's just take a minute to explain how awesome this service really is.

Pay Per Lead Only, No Ongoing Subscriptions!

Let's say you want 50 quality leads for your business; with our service, you can buy exactly this number - you will not be tied into a monthly subscription which offers you either too many, or too few, leads for your requirements.

All Leads Generated Are Exclusive To Your Business, They Will NOT Be Offered To Anyone Else, Ever!

Every lead generation company claims that the leads they generate are offered only to a single client, and aren't sold off to anyone and everyone they know. This is usually a pack of lies. Any leads generated are usually offered to up to a dozen clients, with each of them being told the leads are 'exclusive.'

Our service is different, however. When we say our leads are only ever offered to one customer, we mean it.

That's because we work closely with all of our clients to develop the brand identity and enticing introductory offer which is contained in the cold email we send out to prospects on behalf of their business, and this high degree of personalisation based around each particular client's offerings makes this kind of mass selling of generated leads pretty much impossible.

Our Clients Can Reject Any Leads They Want, Without Having To Pay For Them!

We let our clients preview the details of every lead we generate for them before asking for payment. That way, if they're not satisfied, they can simply reject the lead without having to pay us a penny for it.

We Target Major Decision Makers Only!

When creating a prospect list of who to email your special offer to, we only consider people who are high enough up in a company's hierarchy (i.e. they are Managing Directors, Department Managers, CEO's etc.) to have the buying power to buy our client's products, as being genuine prospects. Therefore, we will NOT contact anyone who we think is unlikely to have this buying power. 

We'll Give Two Free Leads To Every New Client We Take On, So They Can Try Us Out For Free! 

Yep, that's right. Once we've taken on a new client, we'll generate two leads for them absolutely free, so they can test us out with no obligations whatsoever, and so we can fine-tune our process to better fit their individual needs.

We Can Get Leads Based In Any Location Across The World

While our data sources are most comprehensive for our home location of the UK, we have specialist, tailor-made software which allows us to gather the contact information of the major decision makers at large companies all over the world.

Who Do We Work With?

As we offer such generous terms for all of our clients, we need to pick everyone we work with very, very carefully.

The fact is, at this moment, we reject the majority of people who want to work with us, as we feel they are simply not a good fit for our services.

Specifically, when taking on a new client, we look for the following things:

Do They Require A Large Volume of Leads?

Since we only get paid when we deliver high quality leads to our clients' exact specifications, and we deliver the first two leads for free, we need to know that every client we take on has the potential to become a high volume buyer, in order to make our business model viable.

If you're only looking to get a handful of new leads in total, then it's unlikely we'll be able to work with you.

Are They Serious About Buying Our Leads?

As mentioned above, we invest a lot of time into every new client we accept before we ever get paid by them, therefore we need to weed out the timewasters and tire-kickers before we carry out any work for them.

Can They Afford Us?

High quality, red-hot sales leads of the type we generate can vary in cost from £50-200 each, depending on the industry being targeted. If we don't think a potential client can afford these prices, then, regretfully, we have to turn down their business.

If, after reading this section, you feel that we'd be a good match for each other, then we'd love to hear from you, so please get in touch via the contact form below, by calling 07534 360926 or by emailing and we'll be in touch within 1 business day.

What Our Clients Say:

'I've bought sales leads from many different providers over the years, and none of them converted as well as the ones from New Frontiers Marketing'


David N.

Cybersecurity Specialist 

'As an ambitious, growing company, we always need high quality sales leads, and that's why we buy ours from New Frontiers Marketing, as the quality of their leads is pretty much unmatched by anyone else in the market.'

Rebecca P.

HR Consultancy Partner

'The terms New Frontiers Marketing offer on their leads are among the best I've ever seen. They generate them for free, and even let you preview them before you decide to buy or not. Plus, they'll give you two for free! For truly exclusive sales leads, you won't find a better arrangement than this.'

Peter C.

IT Sales Manager

'The sales leads provided have been of a very high quality, and they have converted into paying customers at an excellent rate. I'll definitely be back for more in the future.'


Steve J.

Founder of a Tech Startup 

'The process used to generate leads worked incredibly well, and the people they contacted were the genuine decision makers at the companies. Everyone we booked a meeting with as a result of the campaign had the power to buy from us, and several did. New Frontiers Marketing are by far the best lead generation company we've worked with.'

Alana B.


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