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Property Projects Consultants Brings Industry-Leading Customer Service to the Property Industry

Property Consultation Business Recognised As Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

A Hertfordshire-based property development consultation business, Property Projects Consultants, has established a reputation for delivering superb customer service and expert guidance in property development.

Property projects and development can quickly become time-consuming, complex and expensive. The right knowledge and approach can be the difference between a failure and a successful, lucrative project — and that’s why Property Projects Consultants was founded.

Passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience in the property development industry, company owner Robin Hayhurst created a business that would support and assist a range of people with aspirations in property.

Property Projects Consultants has over 30 years of hands-on industry experience in both building and construction. Involved with over 1,000 housing projects, with knowledge of contracts, developers, subcontractors and more, the business simplifies complex processes for their range of clients, and has become a customer favourite.

In the competitive and complex property market, the right guidance is essential. Many of the best and most experienced property companies are now aspiring to provide professional coaching for their clients — offering management, consultations, and business advice in the future.

Property Projects Consultants is an industry-leader in this way. Offering a free initial consultation to their potential clients, they also provide training courses and professional business coaching. This allows them not only to assist with individual projects, but also to train and empower the next generation of property consultants.

The business aims to reach and support the widest audience possible, so that peer to peer knowledge can be shared and businesses can support one another. They have been growing their online following through their website, Facebook account, LinkedIn page, and dedicated blog.

The business coaching service Property Projects Consultants offers has proved especially popular with clients, as it allows them to benefit from the guidance of someone with years of hands-on industry experience developing houses.

Founder Robin Hayhurst says both his successes and failures have informed his approach, and that he is keen to pass on this knowledge to others so that their ventures are successful.

This collaborative approach has also seen the formation of the Board of Peers on Property Projects Consultants: a brand-new group initiative designed to bring property professionals together to share their knowledge, tips, and challenges.

With industry-leading customer service, a range of skills and services, and a strong drive to share these with others, Property Projects Consultants is set to thrive in a competitive area — and help others to do the same.

About Property Projects Consultants: Property Projects Consultants is a property development and consultation business in Hertfordshire, founded by Robin Hayhurst.

Sharing over 30 years of hands-on experience and knowledge, the business offers property development consultations, courses, and business coaching to those passionate about property and keen for their project to be a success.

Contact the team on 03301 331778, or visit them in person at Property Projects Consultants, 7 Paynes Park, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 1EH.


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