- quuu promote promotions
- FB ad promotions, which are optimised for engagement (create a new facebook page to promote the content of each client? Or become an advertiser on their existing FB page, if they prefer?)
- press releases, guaranteed to reach google news
- get infographics made, then post them to reddit and imgur (make sure the infographic is either hosted on their website, or has a link to it)
- use a fiverr gig to get the infographics (hosted on the clients' own websites) submitted to infographic directories
- instagram shout-outs
- guest posts with links to your content, from websites which can pass on huge amounts of traffic
- submit content to stumbleupon
- stumbleupon paid stumbles
- once a piece of high-quality content has been live for over 2 months, republish it on medium via this link:
- taboola
- outbrain
- submit content to:
- triberr post promotions (more genuine, not incentivised)
- viralcontentbee promotions

USE: to build tracking links and use analytics to see how much traffic you are driving to each of your client's urls every month. The good thing about is that you can both
     take screenshots of the tracking figures, and give your clients a direct link to the page, which they can then view for themselves.

- perhaps build up free viralcontentbuzz credits and then use these to carry out a free trial promotion of a prospect's blog post? Or triberr promote for 7 days?

- you should also build a landing page for this service on your website. Use screenshots of your previous viral marketing successes for social proof. Explain that quuu promote is one of
  the services you use, and that it works by using quuu subscribers.

- selling points: real shares and traffic, no bots, good for seo, expose your brand to thousands of people in your target audience every month and get hundreds of them to your website

- sell the value of having a good company blog, but explain how bad most company blogs are and how little traffic they get.

- offer an additional blogging service too, if people need it.

- pick a high-value-added niche and only target companies in that niche

- offer them one free promotion (using triberr for 7 days?) and 50% off their first month's subscription?

- if you're not getting the retweets you need, buy high quality bot retweets from seoclerks/bhw etc.


£79 p/m

- 1 quuu promote and triberr promotion per month. Show examples of previous quuu promotions.

Subject line:


B2B advertising available to you at no cost

Body text:




I’m sure you’re busy, so I’ll keep this email short and to the point. 


My name is Alex Belsey, and I’m the lead editor of Quay Magazine.


We’re a business-to-business magazine based in Torquay which aims to deliver top-quality articles that inspire businesses with great ideas for their future growth. 


Since this is a difficult time for most, we’re doing what we can to help.


To this end, we’re offering 5 businesses half-page ads in our upcoming online edition absolutely FREE.


The quarterly printed editions of Quay Magazine are read by up to 14000 businesspeople across the South West, while our monthly online-only issues can be read by 900+ people per edition. We also have a busy blog section on our website, where the best articles are featured and eagerly consumed by our loyal and engaged readers.


We are careful to ensure that our audience consists of business owners, managing directors, and other senior decision makers. This means that our readership consists of a far more valuable audience than other, similar publications may have.


If you’re interested in being one of the lucky 5 businesses to receive free advertising, please reply to this email with your name, contact number, business name, and details of the best time for me to call you.


Please note that we will not be able to offer any more of these free ad spaces once the initial batch of 5 has been filled, so please act quickly if you want to take advantage of our offer!


Thank you for your time,


Alex Belsey

NOTE: You are receiving this email as we believe your business would have a genuine desire to be informed of our free advertising offer, and can benefit from it, thus constituting a ‘legitimate interest’ under GDPR regulations.  Your email address, company name, and company location is the only information on you we hold, and all the data will be automatically erased within 7 days. If you wish your data to be erased before then, please reply to this email with the word ‘Unsubscribe’.






Follow-Up Offer


3 months of online half-page ads for the price of one.






“We have collected and processed your data on the basis of legitimate interest. Given how beneficial our (product/service) has been to (company profile/prospect profile) in the past, I believed our offer to be of benefit to you.”


“I found your profile on LinkedIn as you fit our typical customer profile. I then guessed your email address using publicly available information and ran it through an online verification tool.”



“Your name, email address, company name and job title are the only data that we hold. As per your rights, we will delete this from our database if you are not interested in our services or wish us to do so. Your data is not being held in any other databases or being resold.”